Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Long takes

I was directed to this blog post off of the IMDb Hot List of interesting articles and websites devoted to entertainment. This blog describes in its opinion "The Greatest Long Tracking Shots in Cinema". Shots like these in a movie are like crack for me. I get totally giddy. Remember, the ones listed are only from movies so the ridiculous Tommy Schlamme shots that I loved in the West Wing, Sports Night, and Studio 60 are unfortunately not eligible here. But a couple of my favorites are on the list including the opening scene of Boogie Nights (we meet almost every character in the entire movie in this 3 minute single camera shot, incredible!) and the car chase scene from Children of Men (at almost 4:30 minutes it wasn't until about minute three that I realize I'm holding my breath through the suspense, ridiculous!). Watch some of the listed clips and let me know if there are other movies that you think should have been listed. Enjoy!

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ZK said...

As soon as I saw your topic I knew you were going to be talking about the scene in Children of Men. That was such an awesome movie. Why haven't more people seen it? But then again, I'm always a good sucker for a good dystopian saga. :)