Monday, November 20, 2006

Two weddings in one day...? Priceless

Boy am I tired. I haven't had a wedding to go to in 6 months, then yesterday I had two. Its not the most unusual thing. I am a social butterfly and associate with many different groups of people. So I got invites a couple months ago from two peeps from my hood.

One was Chulent Champion Emily and her fiance Aviel the Aussie.
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The other was my friend from the hood and college basketball teammate Jenny and her dude David.
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What would have helped the situation would have been for the wedding start times to be a little further apart. Unfortunately, one was called for 1 the other for 2. And the weddings were in two separate states. So me and the 2 other overlapping guests decided last month to look for a car (we are all non-New Yorkers) to speedily transport us from one chuppah to the next. A fortunate mistake found us a car. I emailed my two companions Sho D and Josh G about the car dilemma and mistakenly sent the email to the wrong Josh G. Wrong Josh G offered his car for our mitzvah doing adventure. He's a true Mitzvah Boy!

My crazy Sunday began Saturday night when Sho D and Lans and I attended a stand-up show from one of our fave Frat Boy comedians Aaron Karo!

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Since we were all looking hot they put us at the table directly in front of the mic. It was awesome! Got home at 2:30 was supposed to drive the Wrong Josh G to the airport at 5 in exchange for use of the car but miraculously RS offered to awaken before dawn to drive him herself. God Bless her!

The first wedding we attended was Emily's in West Orange, NJ. It took a while to get there since the Jets were playing at home and the highway was backed up with tailgaters. We made it there in time to sample the mashed potato bar that Emily had been raving about at her shower. The chuppah was awesome and the happy couple looked very happy. Something I loved was that Emily was praying throughout the chuppah. Shes a very spiritual girl and its known that the bride and groom at their wedding have an almost unmatchable connection to Hashem. She was taking advantage of every second. Hopefully she put in a good word for me!

We rushed after the chuppah to the second wedding in Queens, NY. Susan, our GPS Chinese lady, kept trying to give us the wrong directions, but we could not be swayed. We got to the second wedding in record time and even made it for the chuppah! Another beautiful chuppah and it was time to get down! We danced like a bunch of nuts, pulled off some crazy shtick, and organized dances, which as always, I took no part in. I'm not an organized dance person. I just like to jump around like a crazy person. I brought our old basketball jerseys and a ball and our third teammate in attendance, the crazy Stoner SW, and I threw the ball around and Jenny spun it on her finger like a pro. Quite the feat in a wedding gown. I overheard some of the other ladies saying how amazed they were by Jenny's spinning skills.

As a special performance at Jenny's wedding, David's friends put together a very elaborate shtick dance to the song Jenny/867-5309. Considering white men can't dance, and Jewish white men are hopeless, they did a pretty great job. Hell, lets let you be the judge!
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And the ultimate:

Anyhoo, all in all it was a tiring, yet extremely fulfilling weekend! I wouldn't recommend trying to attend two in a day, but it certainly is a lot of segulah wine and brachos from kallahs! Good times. With all this going for me, I just might be off the market soon! ;)


ray said...

Awesome times! great video! i wish i was there to see that dance! also, thanks for the blessing. its my pleasure to drive jg, he;s my personal limo service in chicago.

SusQHB said...

Well the extra sleep was much appreciated. I just posted on JG's Facebook page asking why his GPS voice sounds exactly like Asian reporter Tricia Takanawa from Family Guy. Inquiring minds would like to know!

Drew_Kaplan said...

Wow! Two WH weddings in one day. Alright - go Heights! Awesome.