Thursday, November 16, 2006

Former Headline #3, Current Headline #4

I decided its funner to let you all know when I add a new MySpace headline to my site. That way the story behing it is fresh in my head.

Former Headline #3
Spatula! I've got two words for you: BE HAVE!

Tamar's buddy Leila was recently on the subway and she encountered two African American ladies surrounded by many little children. One of the kids began to act up and one of the ladies screamed, "Spatula! I've got two words for you: BE HAVE!" Apparently, Spatula was the child's name. I wonder how Spatula's parents came to their decision to name him (or her, who knows?) that? Maybe he (or she) was conceived following a morning of delicious pancakes. Who am I to make judgements? I know a girl named Chaya Mushka, and until she was 16 (and a foot taller than me) we called her the affectionate nickname Mushy Tushy. Now that kid's gonna have problems. And apparently, I've been spelling behave as one word for all these years. I really should have paid more attention in 3rd grade English. Oh well.

Current Headline #4

This is like a party game....for mean people.

I went to an incredible play last night on Broadway with my friend ER. Its called Little Dog Laughed and stars Tom Everett Scott (from That Thing You Do! and Abby's brother on ER), Karen White (some TV and bit roles), Johnny Galecki (David on "Roseanne") and Ari Graynor (supporting rold on "The Sopranos"). Tom plays an in the closet movie star who starts a relationship with Johnny's bi call boy character. Karen is his manager who I swear is channeling Karen Walker from Will & Grace. Ari is Johnny's party girl girlfriend. I was blown away by the amazing acting. Brief male nudity which we weren't expecting, but all in all a high quality theater going experience. This comment was made while Karen was in one of her high energy monologues explaining to the other characters exactly how they were going to handle a certain predicamant and someone interjected "This is like a party game....for mean people." I was cracking up. Another wonderful line was when Ari was explaining to Johnny how her day went, stopped herself and said "Wait a second, why and I telling this story in chronological order instead of in order of importance". I am so going to use that line. Go see this play! I can get you $30 tickets if you'd like. Let me know!

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