Thursday, January 10, 2008

PBR Takes Manhattan!

Last weekend was the PBR Versus Invitational in Madison Square Garden. Seeing these cowboys from deep in the Heartland riding on the backs of some of the rankest bulls in Midtown Manhattan was exhilirating. As Reifer pointed out, these cowboys are from towns so small, its amazing that they are actually traveling to the big city. One rider, McKennon Wimberly, is from Cool, TX, population, according to the 2000 census, 162. Or 161 on PBR weekends since McKennon is out of town. Theres more people than that living in my apartment building!

A gigantic group travelled from my shul in Washington Heights to see the bull riding. Or rodeo as these city folk erroneously called it. This ain't a rodeo kids. Its PBR!

I went on Saturday night with a group of buddies for my friend Shosh's birthday (Happy Birthday Shosh!) and wore my best country garb. Tight jeans, boots, and my trusty cowboy hat. I had a good time teaching them the ropes. Shosh and I, who attended the event last year (and sat next to George Strait!) cheered widely as the major riders were introduced (Adriano Moraes! Justin McBride!!)

Reifer and I returned on Sunday for the final round. I got to watch my current favorite Mike Lee (only because my total fave Justin McBride is injured) ride all 5 bulls he was given maintaining his amazing season of zero buck offs. Very very impressive. We sat behind this awesome kid who was totally into it (picture above). She was cheering wildly after each good ride. She was sooo cute.

Well, I guess I'll have to wait til next year to catch the live event again. Although I'll be watching every weekend on Versus and on their PBR YouTube channel. Maybe I'll even trek out to the World Finals in Las Vegas in October. We shall see.

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