Monday, January 28, 2008

Ahh Bushie

I love the State of the Union Address. Not only does it come with its very own drinking game, but its also the one day of year the the United States congress gets to act like the British House of Commons. I love all the hooting and hollering. I'll update you on my drinking game progress as we go.

The doors open and the Sergeant-at-Arms says Madam Speaker. I still get excited when I hear that. Madam Speaker. Its only the second time he opened with that. She became Speaker just 20 days prior to last years SOTU address. Last year I teared up. Hmm, next year, Madam President? We shall see.

Now heres the low down on his address based on my drinking.

Oh, spotted my congressman, Charlie Rangel, drink one and pat yourself on the back for being able to identify your congressman/woman.

Did the President just mention Hispanish students? Oy. Bushism, have a drink.

Another Bushism so soon? I think I hear Nukular.

Ted Kennedy...sleeping. Drink until your liver cries. 5 minutes later. Ted again. Opening beer number 3.

Showing a current presidential candidate. Theres Hillary in her snazzy red pantsuit. There she is again. And again. Damn, Obama should have worn a red suit. He sitting next to Ted yet the camera hasn't once panned over. Does MSNBC favor Senator Clinton?!

President introduces an energy goal. Take a shot.

Earmarks! Tug on your ear while taking a drink. I wish he had said pork barreling instead. Then we'd get to oink.

Border security? Tequila time!

Buy produce from farmers in developing countries. This isn't a drinking point but still. Um hello, what about our US farmers? Doesn't the president read my blog? Sheesh!

Some guy sitting behind the first lady is clapping with one hand. Only person I know who does that is Bob Dole, but what the heck would he be doing there. Oh, now the Prez is talking about Bob Dole's recommendations to reform our veteran system, care for wounded warriors. It is him! Bob Dole is back people! Take a swig of Pepsi!

Prez has finished his address and is leaving the hall. Ouch, he just ignored Obama's hand not once but twice.

Ted kennedy again, this time with his son, Congressman Patrick Kennedy (a stand up dude BTW, used to see him in the visitor's dining room in the Capitol instead of the Member's only room. I alway dug that.)

President just outside the Chamber giving openly gay Rep. Barney Frank and warm half hug hello. Hmm, thats a guy I didn't envision him being all touchy feely with.

My thoughts on the speech overall. Eh. He didn't say much. Looks like this just might be a Lamer Duck than we expected. He was practically endorsing John McCain. What with all his talk about supporting the troops, getting rid of earmarks, etc... gee, I wonder who hes voting for?

And finally, who is this chick giving the Democratic response? The Governor of Kansas? Shes not even up for re-election. What the hell was she doing there? At least let someone cool speak. Like Jim Webb last year was so badass.

Anyhoo, those are my comments. I drank three beers and am now eating vanilla pudding. It is yummy.


Anonymous said...

What is wrong with the Governor of Kansas, huh? She is pretty cool. Not like some other people I know.

SusQHB said...

Sure, if you consider monotone cool. Plus, I hear shes about to jump on the Obama bandwagon. Another reason not to like her.

Seth said...

Boo, bad form, Susanne! I was gonna tell you how much I enjoyed your post, but now I'll keep it to myself. Dissing the governor of Kansas just because you hear she might endorse another Democrat other than you one you're in love with. Even if you're not infatuated with the details of his positions, you've got to recognize that he has Democratic values, which are sorely needed these days (not always, but right now at least). At least he wants to help the middle class (unlike Romney). At least he doesn't want to send American kids into harm's way for no good reason (unlike McCain). At least he's not openly biased towards certain ethnic groups and/or corrupt (unlike Giuliani). At least he doesn't want to turn the US into a Bible-thumping, anti-everybody theocracy (unlike Huckabee). In other words, at least he's a Dem.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, what he said.

SusQHB said...

Is this what Obama endorses, you two commenters? Tag teaming against someone? Sheesh, I always thought thats what he was complaining about. Bill and Hill tag teaming against him. Shouldn't we just learn our lesson on that front?