Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A Goldstone New Year's Eve

My New Year's was pretty awesome. Party at Sharon and Devorah's was like their best one ever. I got to play Super Mario 3 while a little intoxicated which is always fun. We didn't bust out the DDR or karaoke like at previous #52 parties, but we had a sweet New Year's anyway.

A fun story is about how the senior Goldstones spent their evening. My parents have friends that come to LA every year from Detroit for the holidays so they always try to find something new and exciting to do each NYE. Someone said there was to be a big fabulous concert at the Walt Disney Concert Hall. So my mom bought tickets for them and their friends, all Detroiters in their 60s. Turns out the show was featuring Belinda Carlisle of 80's all girl band fame and the flaming Rufus Wainwright whos last album was a noted Judy Garland tribute. Let's just say my dad and the other fellows in their group were the only straight men in the audience. Plus, it was entirely in French! When I called them yesterday to find out how their night was and heard about the concert I was cracking up. My dad said that the show the couple was putting on in the seats to his left was far more entertaining than the one on stage. Good one Dad!

Bring on 2008!