Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Susanne is looking forward to sharing her BIG news with the WORLD! Soon soon my friends! And no, its not what you people who pounced on me upon seeing on the Facebook Newsfeed "Susanne is no longer single" are thinking. This news is work related. And its HUGE! Get ready to virally spread the word to all of your favorite Jewish peeps, blogs, and websites. And since I am talking about work, I'm happy to announce that my blog has a new #1 fan. Sorry Diana. My boss, Rabbi Rosenbaum, was forwarded a link to my blog and hasn't stopped talking about it. Thanks Melanie for passing it on. Really, thanks... I'm glad I've always kept things on here strictly kosher. ;)


Mark Dredze said...

If you've been reading the blog, I think the new is pretty obvious. Clinton/Goldstone 08!


Diana said...

I've never aspired to be #1 fan, just #1 paparazzi!

Diana said...

Hi Rabbi Rosenbaum :)