Tuesday, February 20, 2007

My productive day off...

Usually on a day off I never roll out of bed. Well yesterday was no exception. I didn't peel myself away from my yummy jersey sheets until 12:30ish. The Reifer and I made plans to do something, anything, yesterday on President's day. So we decided we'd head out to the movies even though the bulk of new releases were either atrociously disgusting, or I'd already watched them on Peekvid. As we were leaving we got a call that a friend of a friend had free passes to the Guggenheim Museum. Being generally culturephobic I was still inclined to head to the latest B comedy, but hell, the tickets were free so we headed over to Museum Mile. The Guggenheim is a visually incredible building, designed I guess by some important architect, and can be seen in this ridiculously dated picture.

When you begin to enter the foyer you realize, hey, it was that cool outside, it'll be even cooler from the inside. And sure enough, it looked sooooo awesome.

So we had a great time walking around looking at pictures of monks dressed up in KKK costumes, possibly for Purim, who knows. There were also a bunch of Picassos including normal ones that weren't painted when he was dropping acid. Although, Reifer and my favorite Picasso was this one where he drew in his own crazy way a rack of meat and it was exhibited right next to a couple other artists attempting to regularly paint the meat. It was as if Picasso was making fun of their ordinary still life paintings. But the ultimate visual stimulation was the Salvador Dali paintings. Now seriously, that dude was on crack. And Reifer being the art genius she is told us interesting stories, like about how her art professor in college was obsessed with this one Goya painting we saw and made them study it for weeks so that she knew all the secret details of the painting. According to her, the teacher believed she really was the woman in the painting. Spooky.

We left there at around 4:30 and had time to spare before all-you-can-eat sushi at Eden Wok, so we decided in the end to go see a movie after all. We decided on Music and Lyrics, the new Hugh Grant romcom which played out identical to every other movie hes been in, except for The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down a Mountain, cause that movie just plain sucked. This version of the fish out of water British dude meeting quirky American female was just average. The only redeeming factor was that we saw it at the Loews Lincoln Center and 90% of the movie was taped within like 5 blocks from where we sat. That was pretty nifty. In fact, when we crossed the street to head to Eden Wok (which BTW has the same cross streets as Hugh's apt in the movie) we passed the restaurant where they encountered Drew's ex in the film. That was cool.

Then Reifer and I ate sushi until we both got sick and waddled over to the subway for the trip home. I'm happy that I was so productive yesterday and injected some culture into my life. Art, film, and sushi, all in one day. I have become quite the socialite.

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