Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Least favorite fashion trends #1

New segment of my blog. As I walk down 34th street lately, I see no Miracles. No, I see ugly clothes. Okay, let me rephrase, trendy clothes that I hate. I have two unfavorites currently.

Exhibit A) Those wool pants that stop at the knee. Who are we kidding people? Those are just glorified culottes. And those are soooo not cool. My mom made me wear those until the sixth grade when I'd get heckled by my classmates. Whats their utility? They're pantlike. But I wouldn't wear them in the bitter cold because they are practically shorts. Its just beyond me.

Exhibit B) Those long shirts that people are wearing as dresses. The only thing long shirts should be used for are pajamas. Not club hopping.

P.S. Still working on my vacation post. Sorry for the delay. Alot happened and I don't wanna miss a detail!

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