Saturday, December 16, 2006

Chanukah Miracle

Well Chanukah is based on the miracles during the time of the Maccabbees. I got a call after Shabbos from my family telling me about my cousin. This certainly is a miraculous story. My cousin Mark and his wife were awoken by their older daughter coughing in the next room. They decided to take the baby out of her crib so she wouldn't be awoken by her big sister. Minutes later the major storm in Seattle sent a tree crashing through the window and into the crib where the baby had just been. Baruch Hashem both kids are okay. The older girl who was still in the room has minor scratches.

This would have been the perfect Chanukah story except my cousin also added, "We don't have any family in the area," said Mark Steiner, who has worked at Seattle's iconic DVD and video store Scarecrow Video for decades. "I just hope to figure out how to still make this a good Christmas for the kids in spite of this." Any other nice Jewish boy couldn't have said it better. Thank God your family is okay and I hope you, your family, and everyone else have a Happy, Healthy Holiday Season!

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