Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I f-ing hate the National Inquirer

I hate the National Inquirer. They published a story today that the Dixie Chicks are breaking up. If you have like ever read my blog, you'd know that they are my favorite music group ever. They say in their documentary that if the stress from their backlash gets too harsh they wouldn't hold it against one another if any of them want to call it quits. I know, you are probably thinking, Susanne, its a tabloid, its not true. But who knows. Usually they are wrong and completely fabricated stories. But sometimes they are based on truth. The Dixie Chicks were recently nominated for 5 Grammy awards including the two biggies, Album and Song of the Year. This is no time to give up! Their music speaks to millions of people, thats why they were nominated. We need them!

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