Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Shout Outs- Circus

So this is basically a Shout Out to Elana S, the coolest Bar Exam passing Great Necker I know. And who happens to be my only reader. Heres to you Elana. So I went to the circus tonight with my date Arona and Eli and Elie. It was mad mad fun. I usually hate that crap. Circus' are usually smelly. This one wasn't. Not as many animals. Only one horse, that was about it. There was an awesome doggy act with all these crazy cool dogs doing tricks and comedy and stuff. One even looked like my mom's maltese(ie a Paris Hilton tiny dog) Snoopy. Little white guy. Poops like little Tootsie Rolls. So cute. Then there were these two totally gay acrobat dudes who like did tricks with each other. They were so cool. Prob one of the coolest acts. Then they had the usual trapeze and a little Asian kid acrobatic troupe who kicked ass. And super incredible jugglers. There were 4 of them and at one point they were all juggling together 16 pins. That was mad cool. Go to the Big Apple Circus. It was awesome!

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