Thursday, December 22, 2005

Roger Toussaint can burn in hell!

Shout out to Ali! Mighty Max 4-Eva!

So my week has been hella hella sucky. Not only did it start out with me in the ER (more on that in my next post) but after waiting up til 2:30 am Tuesday morn to find out whether or not there would be a transit strike, Satan, opps I mean Roger Toussaint came on the air at 3 am to announce there would indeed be a transit strike. This did not bode well with me since A) I really wanted to visit my doctor in midtown on Tuesday, and B) my easy 45 minute commute was about to become a nightmare. So Tuesday I stayed in the Heights and visited the hospital, the closest healthcare provider to my apartment. It wasn't an enjoyable experience. More on that later. Tuesday night I again couldn't sleep. Woke up wide awake, again, at 6:30 am. I'm usually not a morning person. Norm is hitting the snooze button a dozen, dozen and a half times. Here I was too nervous about my commute so I jumped out of bed. Took a car to the Bronx to wait in a 30 minute line in the freezing cold to buy tickets as we watched 2 trains come and go without us as we waited. Got to work an hour and a half later. On the way home I met up with some peeps to take the train back. They didn't to take a car from the Bronx so we walked. I walked 26 blocks and across the city to get home, in the freezing cold. It wasn't pleasant. Today was no better. Only difference was I took a car home from the train station. The question of 10 bucks or 26 blocks is something I will never consider again. I'm just gonna hop in the taxi. So Roger Toussaint, Trasit Workers Union President, you suck!

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