Tuesday, October 09, 2007

My root canal...and plans for the future

Don't worry. No pictures here. Not that I didn't want to post any (I did) but I was too embarrassed to ask the dentist to take one or even ask to keep my old teeth (tooth fairies still exist if you believe in them and want extra cash). A lot more goes into this root canal thing than I thought. I figure one painful procedure and I'd be out of there and on my way. So when I got the quote of around two grand (thats after a HUGE discount that my awesome dentist generously offered my little insuranceless self) I was stunned. An hour of work with the drill and thats it?! No, its like intense. I just returned from my 4th visit. First time they began the root canal which Thank God got rid of my severe pain. The second time they finished that procedure and filled the teeth. The third they took a mold of the two teeth that were removed and put on temporary crowns. Holy crap, I didn't know I wouldn't be keeping my own teeth. That was sketch. I looked in the mirror and I swear it was a redneck hick smiling back at me. Spooky. Today I went back to have him put in my new permanent crowns. I feel like the Bionic Woman with my two new crime fighting teeth. So cool.

Note to self. Get dental insurance. Soon. My pledge for this year is to somehow secure dental. Theres two options for me in that respect. Get a new job. Or get married to a hot guy with dental. If you have referrals for either of these two fantastic options, I am wide open and waiting to hear your ideas. Hot husband is the preferred option.


Diana said...

What about a hot husband that is a dentist?

Lans said...

I need to appologize for not checking your blog sooner or more often. Feel better... and take it from me, dental insurance isnt all its cracked up to be.
Thanks for coming on Sunday!