Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Day the Free Internet TV Died

This is a low point in my life. TV Links is no more. Forget about Don McLean and the Day the Music Died. The deaths of Ritchie, Buddy, and the Big Bopper are nothing compared to the hole left by the now dead links to episodes of Veronica Mars, Weeds, and Macgyver. The Day the Free Internet TV Died had a much greater effect on my young life. PeekVid cannot take away the pain in my heart. Its British counterpart had far surpassed it.

RIP TV Links. You will be missed.


Diana said...

There are groups on Facebook listing places to get free TV

SusQHB said...

well thank goodness for this dude.

Jessica said...

use sidereel.com -- tons of free tv.
or fanpop.com