Saturday, September 22, 2007

BREAKING NEWS! Key Food new sells Abba-Zaba!

This is big I know. Everyone has that one kosher product that they love thats so hard to find that when they do see a store that sells it they buy a ton. I have two of those. Starbust Hard Candies (not even sure they make them anymore, sniff) which taste exactly like regular Starburst (after all, its the same artificial flavors in each) and I can't eat regular Starburst anymore after choosing this damn kosher way of life so these Orthodox Union sanctioned hard candies were the next best thing. My second item is Abba-Zaba! This delicious chewy taffy with a peanut butter center is like heaven on Earth all sealed up in a checkered black and yellow wrapper. It even has the additional hechsher sticker that these frummy companies feel compelled to add to their already kosher product. Abba-Zaba for example has a KSA parve emblem on the back of the wrapper, but some shmegeg at So-Yum Candies felt the obligation to frum it up with an added Star-K. The same way when you go to a kosher store theres a Paskesz sticker all over the bag of Twizzlers. What a waste of a sticker. Anyhoo, this candy is super yum and I think you'll like it too. For those who missed my birthday and still wanna give me a gift, feel free. I'm registered at Key Food. In the kosher aisle. Next to that Paskesz garbage.

I recommend any PB lover like myself run out and buy them today. But leave a couple in the store. My stockpile is running low.


Diana said...

Clip from Half Baked

SusQHB said...

OMG! "Abba-Zaba, you're my only friend". I totally remember that. Thanks!