Monday, August 13, 2007

Shout out to random girl in shul.

Note to girl- I'm only writing about it because it was funny, gave me a fantastic story to tell at my Shabbos meals, and I know you are going to read this post.

So girl I don't really know comes up to me after Friday Night davening. She prefaces the question knowing that I'll be taken completely aback.
"So, can I ask you the most stalkerish question ever?"
"Um, okay."
"Are those the new clothes your mom bought you?"
"Um, yeah. You read my blog don't you?"

She had read my post last week about how my mom took me shopping at Loehman's. Of course, I'm dressed to kill every Shabbos. But this week I was in fact wearing a killer new black short skirt with little pleats. Yup, I was adorable. Still a little spooky though, wouldn't you say? Hope shes not homicidal.


Diana said...

At wal-mart getting gun. Will comment later.
-Stalker Girl at Shul

SusQHB said...

At the courthouse getting a restraining order. :)

Nili said...

Well Susanne, I have been bad and have not checked your blog for a while but this story reminds me of a certain random girl in shul in the holy city of Passaic who (almost) approached a girl because she recognized her from somewhere and managed to save herself from intense embarrassment when she realized that she recognized the girl because of her onlysimchas addiction.

SusQHB said...

I have no idea what Nili is talking about. Never happened. Nebbach. What nerd would have memorized every face she saw on OnlySimchas? :)

Steg (dos iz nit der šteg) said...


and this is why blogging is my embarassing hobby... as opposed to all those normal things i do in my spare time like play RPGs and harvest wild plants :-P

Diana said...

Is it better to have stalkers/subscribers that talk to you? Or a bunch of lurkers? Food for thought.