Monday, April 23, 2007


Okay, you're not the only one complaining that I'm not updating the blog enough for your tastes. Pesach was fine. I ate lots of matzah. We ran out of good matzah on day 6 so I had to revert to shmura matzah, which is HORRIBLE. Turns out my dad was eating like a pound a day of my Yehuda with his morning peanut butter fix which isn't even kosher for passover! Not for us ashkenazis at least. I went to Universal with Rachel over Chol Hamoed and got a little crazy.

I got to hang out with my favorite doggy in the whole wide world, Giovanni. I even tried to smuggle him back to New York in my suitcase. But he didn't let me.

Mom? Dad? Would it kill you to stick him in a box and send him to New York for a couple weeks? I love that guy. Hes such a bad ass.

Now I'm back super busy with Shabbat Across America which is in less than two weeks!!! My shul is running the program and NO ONE has RSVPed yet. So if you know anyone in Washington Heights who wants to experience Shabbos please encourage them to attend. Knock on their doors. I already harassed all my neighbors who have mezuzahs on their doors. And most of them turned out to be apartments belonging to Dominicans whose previous tenants left up their mezuzahs on their way to a better neighborhood. Anyway, I need to go watch Heroes and go to bed. Peace.

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