Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Bearcats Game 1

Yesterday my softball league began. I play for the JAB Bearcats. That stands for the Jewish Alumni of Binghamton Bearcats (the Bing Mascot). It was originally started a few years back by a group of Binghamton Alumni. Currently we have like 1 alum left on the team. Its made up this year by a lot of new faces, including a new coach Josh G who has replaced Avi D who made aliyah. There one NJ on the team who I kind of feel sorry for because some of my funniest jokes are Jewishly oriented. For instance, one of the league rules is that the base coaches cannot touch base runners, including high fives, pats on the back/butt, etc, and the umpire made it very clear that he would call the runner out if he saw anything like that. I told everyone the umpire had a strict shomer negiah policy. And we all laughed. But not the NJ. I don't think he got it.

I hit 2 for 3 which isn't bad but I wasn't very impressed by my hits. I've got to work on my swing and find a more comfortable bat. Heres what I hate. Men. They are annoying. All in all I played a pretty good game. No ridiculous errors. I got some hits. Made some put outs at first base. Ran agressively around the bases. Slid into home to score a run. But whats the thing the men acknowledged? When my hotty teammate caught a routine pop up in the outfield. So annoying.

We beat RIA Pubs by 6 runs. So either 12-6 or 10-4 or something like that. They were previously undefeated. So go us. Our team came together pretty well. I hope we can keep up the good fortune. Go Bearcats!

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