Wednesday, August 17, 2005

A to Z

A to Z About Me!
A- Age: 25
B- Band: Dixie Chicks, Aspaklaria, and Me First and the Gimmee Gimmees
C- Crush: Not sure I have one this week.
D- Dad's name: Harvey Roy
E- Easiest person to talk to: Currently Mark maybe
F- Favorite ice cream: Tasti-D-Lite. If its good enough for Sex and the City, its good enough for me.
G- Gummy worms or gummy bears: bears
H- Hometown: Huntington Beach
I- Instruments: I really want to learn acoustic guitar. I think I'd be good. I air guitar on the subway every day.
J- Junior High: Sowers Middle School
K- Kids: None that I know of. Although, I've had some pretty bad hangovers. So maybe.
L- Loved how many times? once.
M- Mom's name: Adrianne Eileen
N- Nicknames: Suz, SusieQ, Weirdo, but thats more of a term of endearment.
O- One wish: To find a Hot, Rich, Jewish Optometrist
P- Phobia[s]: Agoraphobia
Q- Quote: Most recently, from Mitch Hedberg OBM "My friend offered me a frozen banana, I said no, but I want a regular banana later, so yeah".
R- Reason to smile: Megabite
S- Song you sang last: Piece of My Heart, loudly on the subway
T- Time you woke up today: 8:50, whoops.
U- Unknown fact about me: I cry at every sad movie I watch
V- Vegetable[s]: broccoli. Just had a broccoli calzone for lunch.
W- Worst habit: Fat-Free Candies and chewing gum
X- X-rays you've had: Chest and Teeth
Y - Years since you've been to church: I'm Jewish so I go to synagogue. I go every week on Friday night.
Z- Zodiac sign: Virgo


Arona said...

are you kidding me? mark is easier to talk to than I am??? come on! well ok maybe. I think we should be tied.....?

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