Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Moving Sucks!

Moving Sucks Big Time! Especially when you own as much crap as I do. Even more especially when you are only moving 3 blocks from where you started. You keep thinking you aren't really moving cause its only a 3 minute walk, but oh no, you still gotta collect a ton of boxes, pack up all your stuff, hire movers, take off a day of work, sit on your butt for 10 hours waiting for the movers to arrive, fall asleep waiting, get pissed and go to party, get tipsy, wake up at 2 am to puke, then give in and call a different mover to come the next day. Thats right folks, my movers really were too good to be true. Heres my yesterday: I woke up at 6 am to finish packing, called at 8 am to confirm my 10 am move, was told they'd be there between 12 and 1, 1 came and went, tried to call them but they wouldn't answer my calls, fell asleep at 3, woke up at 4, called from my roommates phone, they answer on the second ring, berate them for not answering my calls, am told the truck just broke down, not given a reason for why the newly broken down truck at 4 pm affected my 10 am move, told they'll be there at 8, I said 8 is too late, they said fine then 7, waited until 8:30, called another mover I found on Craig's List and set up my move for tonight at 6:30, went to Lamb's going away party, drank too many Mike's Hard Lemonades, came home, passed out, woke up to puke (more out of my annoying day then the alcohol), woke up for work, wrote on my blog. Will let you know how tonight goes. Okay, must get lunch. Peace out bros!

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