Friday, August 26, 2005


So we have this Washington Heights website where everyone posts announcements on one of the Message Boards. There is boards for apartments, events, classifieds, etc. So for some strange reason this random chick posted on Maalot Everything, the catch-all for random posts, a GREAT DATE PLACE!!! The whole post consists of her fired up description of this random Starbucks in Jersey City that we should all shlep our coffee dates to. A)theres a Starbucks on my corner, make that every corner in the city, B)who the hell wants to go to Jersey, period, and C) does she own part of the franchise? She describes it as if its some enchanted palace. She even suggests hopping on the PATH train with your date to get there. Thats pushing it way too far in my book. I'm going to get to the bottom of this! Who is this woman and why is she trying to get us to this faraway place. Are there cameras there to record the Shidduch Date Phenomenon? There must be an ulterior motive involved. Anyone else freaked out by the post? Let me know. In the meantime, I'm happy picking up my Caramel Machiatto, or my Light Coffee Frappachino, or my Orange Herbal Tea in my neighborhood Starbucks. Want to join me?


Friendly Moderator said...

She seemingly has deleted her post.

SusQHB said...

I guess my blog has become the influential icon that I hoped it would. Next stop...taking over the world!!!