Friday, November 18, 2005

More Fun Susanne Info

1. How many people on your buddy list are exs?

2. What is your favorite part of the chicken?
Booby. Heehee.

3. What's your favorite town?
Huntington Beach and NYC- tie but each for totally different reasons.

4. How did your last relationship end?
Well I ain’t married, so obviously we broke up. Plus he wasn’t hot enough for me.

5. What's the first word that comes to mind right now?

6. When was the last time you saw your mom in person?
3 hours ago when I left for work. My moms in NY for a visit.

7. Whats the best insult you've ever heard or said?
I can't believe that out of 10,000 sperm, you were the quickest. ~Steven Pearl

8. Who got you to join myspace?
I think it was Jen.

9. What did you have for dinner LAST NIGHT?
Peanut Butter Toast Crunch Cereal. Stuff is addictive.

10. How long have you been at your current job?
About 15 months.

11. Is Tom on your friends list?
Can you help it?

12. What's the last thing you said outloud?
See you soon. To my mom.

13. Look to your left. What's there?
My fax machine.

14. What is the last thing/person you spent over $100 on?
Broadway tickets to surprise my mom for tonight for the biggest show on Broadway.

15. Who is your favorite villian?
Reggie Mantle, always trying to steal Veronica away from Archie. What a shmuck.

16. Whats the last piece of clothing you borrowed from someone?
Do earmuffs count? It was fricken cold last night.

17. Whats the last piece of clothing you bought?
I’ve given up on buying clothes. I live in a New York apt. Theres no fricken room to put stuff.

18. What word makes you laugh no matter where, when or how many times you hear it?
Booby. HeeHee.

19. What website do you visit the most during the day?
Besides my emails,

20. Go into your text message log on your phone...what does the top message say?
Thank you for authorizing your last payment of $35.31

Do you have plants in your room?
My roommate brought a couple home this week, I was like don’t kill them cause I’ll be totally depressed.

If you could drink anything right this second, what would be?
Pure caffeine. And a big glass of Scotch. Caffeinated Scotch.

Last piece of e-mail opened?

Does anything hurt on your body right now?

What city was your last taxi cab ride in?
Um, let me think, New York

Last alcoholic drink?
Glass of Scotch while watching the Country Music Awards.

Do you own a picture phone?

What's your most recent Ex's birthday?
No clue, didn’t date long enough to rifle through his wallet.

What were you doing last night at 9?
Seeing Wicked, the best Broadway show ever! Never saw anything like it before.

Do you exercise as much as you should?
Does anyone?

Did you do the deed on prom night?
Maybe if I actually won for Prom Queen. Damn you Kim Stemkowski. That tiara was mine! Not to say I never hooked up with my prom date at a different time. :)

Would you give your bf/gf a second chance if they cheated on you?
Hell NO. No one deserves that.


Something purple within 5 feet of you:
Book on my desk.

The sexiest item of clothing you own:
From 10 Things- You don't buy black underwear unless you want somebody to see it.

Your nails were last painted:
Before my friends wedding.

The weirdest thing you've ever heated in the microwave?
Ice Cream

How much Japanese do you know?
Sake! Domo. Kinichiwa. All learned from watching Kill Bill Volume 1.

Do you look good in yellow?

Do you sing?
I’m a better singer then people think.

Ever danced naked in front of a crowd?
Not sober.

Do you spit?
Yes, I’m a New Yorker. We do all things crude.

Is your hair long enough to chew on?
Finally. I’m growing it out for the first time ever!

Least favorite color?

Ever had Dippin' Dots?
No. Always wanted to though. I’m intrigued.

Ever played an instrument?
Played the clarinet in 5th grade cause I think we got to miss a class if we did or something.

Ever been to a palm reader?
I think we had one at Ali’s like 14th birthday party. That was before the highlight of good parties was the keg.

Did you have a good weekend?
Not at all. This weekend will be better.

Current yearning:
Winning the lottery.

Have you ever had a black eye?
My brother threw a football at my face from a short distance. That was also my first bloody nose. I thought it was so cool. I was such a damn tomboy.

How is the day going for you?
Good. Fridays are 4 hour workdays this time of year.

Any plans for tonight?
Going to Temple to do me some mingling then having some friends over for dinner.

Are you ready for Christmas?
I don’t celebrate it but I see Macy’s on 34th Street outside my window right now and they’ve had their Christmas lights up for a month already. Its crazy here.

Do you find Smurfette sexy?
Nope. But that babe musta got a lot of play.

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Qatar Cat said...

LOL @ booby :^)

Gives me giggles every time!