Friday, November 04, 2005

Another new NJOP chap

Heres hoping some of you clever peeps can submit ideas. Please forward to any individuals, parents, teachers, or members of industry whom you think can help:

What are the best gifts for children this Hanukkah?

The National Jewish Outreach Program (NJOP) is looking beyond the shelves of Target and Toys "R" Us to find the best Jewish toys, books and games for children this Hanukkah. Our list of eight recommended products will showcase those that engage, inspire and inform children (toddler to teen,) helping them feel more connected to Jewish culture, heritage and religion.

Beginning November 4th, NJOP will accept suggestions and submissions from manufacturers, parents, store owners and children themselves. NJOP will consider the old and new, the expensive and the bargain item so long as the gift is "Jewish" in nature.

All items will be evaluated by a panel of experts including Jewish educators, child development experts, parents and children. The recommended items will be announced on November 29th.

"Each year parents struggle to show the beauty and background of an important Jewish holiday -Hanukkah- amidst the lights and Christmas decorations everywhere a child looks," said Rabbi Buchwald of the National Jewish Outreach Program. "This year, with Hanukkah beginning on December 25th, we wanted to help parents make Hanukkah very special and meaningful for their children."

To send book, toy, game or other product recommendations, please email Manufacturers wishing to send product directly should contact Rachel Shtern at 646-871-4444 or Ilya Welfeld at 201.439.1010 for shipping instructions.

Deadline for submission is November 21st.

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