Monday, February 18, 2008

Things I learned from being on Cable News

Last night I took part in a Frank Luntz focus group, which turned out to be a live taping for You Decide 2008 on the Fox News Channel. It was an altogether awesome experience, thank you very much. Although, Frank is a die hard Republican pollster (which I should hate), the dude knows his stuff and I respect him for that. This focus group was very well picked. 29 people, a third leaning Republican, a third independent, a third leaning Democrat. None were 100% convinced who they will vote for this election. I've said before, I support Hillary. But if she doesn't win the nomination I will strongly consider John McCain. We were asked to support our decisions. When the dude next to me, a registered Democrat but voting Republican this year, said that the Dem candidates haven't impressed him, they are both being wishy washy, making speeches and false promises, I offered a rebuttal. Yes, there is a Democratic candidate that has stepped up, and thats Senator Clinton. As she said over the weekend, speeches are great, but they don't fill up your gas tank, fixing the economy does that (a direct attack on Obama and his lofty speeches). Plus, she has the experience to get these things done. That was basically my only sound bite of the night, but I think it was a good one. ;) GO HILL!! Here's the clip of me speaking up:

There was also a special guest on the show, none other than the Former Mayor of Cinncinati, Jerry Springer. THIS. DUDE. RULES. Earlier in the taping, before we know of his appearance, Frank told us to feel free to get rowdy and argue your points with other audience members. I was like, yeah, I'm going to pick up my chair and get all Jerry Springer on you. So when he came out, I was fired up. You can see me on camera, as soon as they announce the surprise guest was from Cincinnati I almost jumped out of my chair. I was like, dude, we were just talking about you. I got to shake his hand later. I was like Jerry, you are the man. I'm not ever washing this hand again. I tried to start a chant, JERRY! JERRY! JERRY! Apparently, chanting is frowned upon at the Fox News Channel. The host at one point joked during commercial, that Jerry is here to announce he is running for Senate. I was truly intrigued by this idea. Hell, if Al Franken has a shot...

I learned two things tonight. One political. One, um, not so much.

1) Independents and Republicans, much like me, don't believe a word that Obama has to say. This is not a positive thing come general election if he is our nominee. There were several Obama supporters in the room, but not one of them could articulate why he should be the nominee. Not one could define what the Senator meant when he said change. Its one thing to jump on the bandwagon and blindly vote, but come on people. Its like in 2000 when all my friends voted Bush simply because their Rabbi got up one Shabbos and said, Bush is the best candidate for Israel, and everyone in the congregation believed him. Any candidate this year, Democrat or Republican, Hillary or Barack, John on Mike, they ALL will support Israel. Israel is mucho importante to the USA and no Pres will blow that.

There was a question asked today on the Fox News (right leaning) website that quantifies the point. Does Barack Obama's campaign rhetoric have substance behind it?
No (58%)Yes (35%)Don't know (6%). Like me, these folks believe he's talking the talk, and not prepared to walk the walk.

2) Frank asked the question, you're so lucky to be here, what else would you be doing on a Sunday night? The very straight, college professor type to my right was like, um, sit on the couch and watch the L Word. Right on my friend. I've always been a little embarrassed to admit my affinity to this show since well, its about a bunch of lesbians living in LA. Not that anyone should doubt the fact that I'm totally into dudes, I drool over Brad Pitt like any other red blooded female and have a boyfriend of my own. But theres still that fear of stigma to watch the show. But, as I've said many times, its one of the funniest shows on TV. The Single White Female stalker thing thats going on now between Jenny and her assistant Adelle is more comical than homicidal. So now I have learned, many straight Americans (Republicans I might add) love this show as much as I. Phew!



Diana said...

I just saw a really interesting post on Beyond BT about how you were afraid to go to sleep away camp!

SusQHB said...

In response to this accusation, it wasn't that I was afraid, its that my parent's tried to ship me out when I was like 5. I'm surprised children's services didn't come after them.

Diana said...

Also, congratulations on your brother's upcoming nuptials.

I totally got 40000000000000000 stalker points for that.

(It was on their web site)

SusQHB said...

Um, times your stalker points by one million cuz I didn't know they had a website.

Diana said...

It's the link he used when he commented on your article

(Which was a very good article - usually BeyondBT is BeyondBarfie)

Do people ask why you're not an eye doctor after they ask why you're frum?