Friday, June 16, 2006

Reasons my life sucks

The last couple of days have totally sucked for me. I know what you're thinking, but its not all because of the closure of Megabite. Actually this month in general has pretty much blown but it has had a highlight or two, so other then those, its been pretty sucky.

Oh where to begin. How about June 1st. My new subletter had planned to move in her stuff before Shavuous which also coincided with the start of June. My roommate AS who just moved out since she got married and became AD made sure to have everything cleared out of the room to make sure this girl was able to move in on time. Needless to say, she didn't show. I figured she was busy prepping for the holiday and didn't have a chance to move before. It wasn't until the 5th that I started to go ape shit. She didn't return my calls or emails and then finally sent me an email claiming that I never officially gave her a go ahead on the apartment so thats why she never showed. I don't recall that being the case. I think it was just the opposite. On recall making the point that unless she heard otherwise from me that it was a go. On top of it all, in Jewish law a verbal agreement is considered as good as a written one. Even though she never signed anything she should be halachically responsible. End result is that my entire June paycheck is going toward my rent. So to all my "friends" who try to guilt me into coming to all their events that they are sponsoring, leave me the hell alone unless you are paying for me to get in. I'm not a trust fund kid. I work in kiruv.

Work has been overwhelming, but when isn't it? And I'm not stupid enough to rant about anything like that on a forum like this one. Did you read the article in the NY Times about recruiters checking potential employees' MySpace sites and finding out tons of dirt? Check it out: Some kids are idiots. My MySpace page is totally clean. Hell, my parents read it. I love you dear blog, but not enough to be fired over. I can't afford my rent as is. Maybe I should just move back to Cali. I know a lot more people there that would be happy to see me come than those here who would be disappointed if I leave. Sad but true. I have to beg people to find a fricken Shabbos meal. Thats proposterous. Everyone should want a piece of Susanne Goldstone.

Last night I went to play a softball game with this girl's team. She told me they play in Harlem but not to worry, the field is just as I step off of the A train. I was like thats fine. I can hold my own. No idiot will mess with a chick like me carrying a softball bat bag. Granted, I left my bat at home yesterday...but they didn't know it. Turns out it wasn't right off of the A train. I stopped people on the street asking where the ballfields are. Finally a guy told me who knew the fields I was talking about. They are on 145th and Lenox. Um, I don't know about you but I read the NY Times. And I hear about many a murder that takes place on 145th St and Lenox in Harlem. Was not excited about this. Not only that but Lenox was like 6 LONG avenue blocks from where I was. And as the fields finally came into view, sure enough, the number 3 train was right next to them, not the A train. I got to the game 40 minutes late and as soon as I walked on to the field I was told to bat. Hell, I still had a skirt on. I was in my work clothes. I grounded into a fielder's choice (for you non-baseball people, not a very impressive play). The game got busted up after an hour when the lone white guy on my team got in a fight with the umpire and he called the game. It was nearing 8 pm and sundown at this point so I got my ass out of the neighborhood clutching my pepper spray in my hand armed and ready.

And to top off the week, this morning I received an email from Saw You At Sinai, a Orthodox Jewish dating site. My old roommate from college is a matchmaker on the site and had sent me a profile of a guy to look at. He is SSOOOOO not for me. He was a big guy with a big beard and no hair on his head. Seriously, the dude looked like a lumberjack. And I am not so into looks. I love the Pillsbury Doughboy look in my Jew Boys. But this was ridiculous. Seriously. Is this what I destined for? I'm not a 10, but seriously, don't be sending me 3s.

So thats where I'm at. Things are looking up in the couple hours it took me to finish this post. A) my new replacement iPod was delivered so I can listen to my beloved Dixie Chicks on the train once again. b"H. B) I finally scored a pity invite for my Shabbos meals. C) I'm leaving work and have approximately 67 hours to my leisure. Yay. Shabbat Shalom.

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